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Some people refer to chiropractors as back pain doctors. The reason is that most chiropractors focus their treatments on the back, which includes the neck area, upper and lower back.

How does a back doctor treat back pain?

Most of us have suffered from back pain at some point in our lives. Back pain is always a symptom and can be caused by:

  • Injuries, e.g. motor vehicle accidents / work related injuries / sports / slip and falls or gradual onset injuries

  • Infections, e.g. endometriosis, kidney stones

  • Mechanical problems, e.g. degenerated / dislocated / slipped disks

  • Certain conditions and diseases, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis

Back Pain Treatment

Our brain communicates by nerves to every part of the body. The spinal column has sensory and motor nerves controlling the head, neck, arms, torso, legs and internal organs. Through trauma, injuries, poor posture etc. our back loses its natural alignment. As a reaction, those nerves between the spinal disks become irritated, often cause pain, lack of normal movement, abnormal sensations and a variety of health problems.

Back Pain Treatment

A back doctor or also called chiropractor or chiropractic physician focuses on the interaction of the nervous system of the spinal cord and the surrounding muscles tissues. By eliminating the source of irritation to the nerve, your pain can be reduced or fully eliminated, along with improved range of motion achieved and overall health. Most patients realize after a few visits greater overall flexibility, especially the ability to turn their neck and body to look behind them when driving.

Relieving Back Pain

At the Wellness Center of Waltham, we go a step further than most back pain doctors in a thorough examination. We do not only look at your back and neck area but also at the rest of your body. In some cases, the cause of your pain or fatigue may originate from extremities or other organs. We find the cause(s) and the necessary take steps to correct your health problems.

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