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Do You Suffer from Stiff or Weakened Muscles or Pain?

Chiropractic Massage Therapy Can Help!

Wellness Center of Waltham provides general full-body, chiropractic massage therapy as part of the overall wellness treatment plan.

How does chiropractic massage work?

Chiropractic applied kinesiology massage is very different than full body massages. It balances weak muscles and / or removes muscle spasms to all the body to heal. It works great for:

  • Athletes with overtrained muscles

  • Healing after surgery or injury

  • Women after giving birth

  • Lower back pain

Chiropractic Massage Therapy
Chiropractic Back Pain TreatmentUsually muscle testing will show the difference within moments of the corrections along with reduction of pain and discomfort – also improve ranges of motion and flexibility are realized. For example, after pregnancy some women may experience back pain. In some cases, this is not caused by issues in the back but an issue in the posture due to expanded abdominal muscles through pregnancy and labor. After Applied Kinesiology massage therapy, these abdominal muscles normalize again to their original length, the posture improves and the back pain will subside.
Chiropractic Lower Back Pain Treatment. In case of lower back pain, the opposite might be the case: Muscles are tight and you can even feel spots in your lower back that are sensitive to touch (trigger points). Those irritated points in muscles can ‘transfer’ pain to other parts of your body, e.g. down your leg. Professional Applied Kinesiology massage therapy can help release these tight muscles and therefore alleviate pain; thereby rebalancing the muscles, which often eliminates years of lower back pain caused by pregnancy.
Chiropractic Full Body Massage TherapyUsually, people feel the benefits right away. You might feel more relaxed, alert, clearer thinking, reduced levels of anxiety and just have the feeling of a greater well-being. Through a thorough Applied Kinesiology evaluation, we will determine which type of massage therapy is the right approach in your specific situation.

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