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Suffering from a Sports Injury or Can’t Reach Your Full Potential?

Our chiropractic care helped over 1,000 athletes!

Dr. Mulhern, Chiropractor has worked on college athletes from a number of well-known local colleges. Some of those students were later on able to even move to major leagues.

If you are suffering from an old or recent sports injury, we can help:

If you are suffering from an old or recent sports injury, we can help.

Many patients with sports injuries are usually are not able to practice their sport anymore due to pain, loss of motion and/or strength, or they live under recurring pain when exercising or experiencing daily activities. This leads to a high level of frustration. Pain killers and local anesthesia only provide temporary relief. Over time, those forms of treatment actually do more harm than good, as the cause of the pain has not been eliminated and often more damage occurs when left uncorrected.

Sports Chiropractic Care
Spine & Sports Chiropractic Care

How Our Spine and Sports Chiropractic Care Makes a Difference:

During your 1st visit, Dr. Mulhern performs a very detailed chiropractic exam based on your medical history and health complaints using e.g. applied kinesiology and neuro-response techniques. In comparison to many other chiropractors, Dr. Mulhern examines and treats your entire body (neck, back, head, arms, legs, torso, hand and feet) not just your spine. Many underlying conditions will be detected during your examination and testing.

He will also do everything necessary to relieve your most pressing symptoms and complaints (e.g. headaches, neck or back pains, joints, muscle, nerve, arm or leg conditions / injuries) during this 1st session. In addition, you receive recommendations on additional treatment options, nutritional advice and a treatment plan.

Spine & Sports Chiropractic Benefits

How Will You Benefit from Our Spine and Sports Chiropractic Care?

In addition to a thorough chiropractic exam and personalized treatment plan, Dr. Mulhern’s Wellness Center offers a wide range of therapy options to reduce or eliminate pain, increase range of motion and overall wellness:

  • – Personalized Rehab and/or Home Exercises

  • – Chiropractic Massages

  • – Nutritional Support and Purification Programs

  • – Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound & Laser Therapy

Additional support is provided through a broad selection of products to speed up your recovery, e.g. Bio Freeze, Flex Ball, Stay Cool Wrap and more.

Sports Chiropractor Treatment

What to Except:

Most patients experience improvements in their overall well-being within just a few chiropractic treatment sessions. So, if you experience pain, loss of motion and/or loss of strength from an old or recent sports injury don’t delay any longer. Get yourself into the hands of an experienced sports chiropractor!

Call for an appointment: 781-891-8388. New patients are often able to be seen the same day.